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The Complete Homeowners Guide to House-sharing (Best value - includes 3 templates)

The Complete Homeowners Guide to House-sharing (Best value - includes 3 templates)

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"The Complete Homeowners Guide to House-Sharing," is your essential guide through the intricacies of house-sharing. We have thoughtfully crafted this guide for homeowners stepping into the world of house-sharing. In this 10 chapter guide we offering simple step-by-step processes that include chapter reviews, checklists and editable templates for your unique household requirements.

Read what Wayne Madden had to say about our guide:

"This guide is excellent! 'The Complete Homeowners Guide to House-sharing' is a thorough resource filled with the right information to help you get started in your house-sharing journey."

Key Features:

  • Easy Profile Creation: Learn how to create a profile that resonates with potential housemates, ensuring compatibility and shared values right from the start.
  • Navigating House-sharing Agreements: Benefit from our comprehensive collection of editable templates, designed to foster mutual understanding and set clear expectations for a confident living arrangement.
  • Financial Processes: Understanding the financial requirements with practical advice and innovative tools for budgeting, how to accept rent payments and expense management. 
  • Resolving Differences: Get it right from the get-go! Set up your house-sharing arrangement with agreed terms and conditions to form your basis of understanding. When conflict arises, you are already clear about your boundaries and expectations and can reference these agreements to help resolve conflicts.
  • Fostering a Shared Community: Gain insights into building not just a shared space, but a thriving micro community in your home, where every member feels connected and valued.

Why This Guide?

  • Smart and Insightful: Each section is thoughtfully constructed, providing smart, actionable insights to guide you through every aspect of house-sharing.
  • Practical and Proven Solutions: Drawing from years of successful house-sharing experiences, this guide offers solutions that work, making your house-sharing journey smoother and more rewarding.
  • Connective Experience: Crafted to make homeowners feel empowered and connected, this guide ensures you're well-equipped to create a harmonious and enriching shared living environment.

Whether you're looking to alleviate financial pressures, find companionship or better optimise your living space, "The Complete Homeowners Guide to House-Sharing" stands as your go-to resource. Perfect for homeowners ready to explore the advantages of shared living, this guide illuminates the path to a successful and satisfying house-sharing experience.

Editable Templates:

This guide also includes three bonus editable templates to help you establish your house-sharing arrangement.

They include:

  • Housemate Interview Template - valued at $9.97
  • Housemate Welcome Pack Template - valued at $9.97
  • House-share Agreement Template - valued at $14.97

That's over $30 extra value for free!

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